x265 Development

The x265 project has the tremendous advantage of using an open-source development model.  This model provides many benefits;

  • x265 is by far the most widely adopted HEVC encoder.  With more users, x265 is tested on more hardware and software configurations, under a wider variety of settings and with a wider variety of content than any other HEVC encoder.  Many users pull source code updates daily from our development branch, testing new features as soon as they are available.  Bugs are identified more quickly, leading to more robust code.
  • All x265 code changes are public.  Patches (proposed code improvements) are sent through the x265 development mailing list, for review by all x265 developers.  Public code review leads to more robust code.  Issues are identified and resolved before the proposed patch is committed.
  • x265 licensees have the right to modify x265 to better meet their platform or application requirements.  This right comes with the obligation to contribute those changes back to the x265 project before distributing those modifications.  So all x265 adopters benefit from improvements made by other adopters.
  • In addition to the large dedicated x265 development team at MulticoreWare, the x265 project has attracted a number of talented independent developers who have contributed many valuable improvements.


Contribute to x265

We welcome participation by talented developers worldwide. x265 is a very important code library, used by many of the world’s leading video system operators, encoding solution providers and device manufacturers.  x265 has been adopted by leading open source projects including FFMPEG, VLC and Handbrake.  Your contributions will be highly visible, and highly valued.

It’s easy to join the x265 project as an open-source developer.

x265 Documentation is distributed with the source, and posted on x265.readthedocs.org

The x265 source code is available from https://bitbucket.org/multicoreware/x265 under the terms of the GNU GPL.

Contributions should be made to the x265 Developer Mailing List:  x265-devel@videolan.org

We require a signed contributor agreement before we can accept changes.