x265 Licensees

x265 development is led by MulticoreWare.  MulticoreWare brings a deep knowledge of video codec design and high-performance computing to the x265 project.


Charter Licensees

Along with MulticoreWare, there were four initial project sponsors who kick-started development of x265.  Two have chosen to remain anonymous.  We work very closely with all x265 Licensees, but we are particularly grateful for the strong support and sponsorship we received from our Charter Licensees, from the start of the x265 project in early 2013 through today.  Without these visionary video system developers, the x265 project might not exist.


Telestream provides world-class live and on-demand digital video tools and workflow solutions that allow consumers and businesses to transform video on the desktop and across the enterprise. Telestream corporate headquarters are located in Nevada City, California. For more information, visit www.telestream.net.

logobbrightBBright R&D teams develop high-end technologies for TV channels, network operators, content owners, digital cinema professionals both on the signal encoding side as well as on the visual display side. BBright maintains its world headquarters in Rennes – FRANCE. For more information, visit www.bbright.com.

Charter Licensee #3

A leading, multi-billion dollar company invested in the development of x265.

Charter Licensee #4

A leading video systems developer was invested in the development of x265.

Funding Licensees

Some of the leading movie streaming services and semiconductor companies have invested in the development of x265.  We see excellent adoption and support from all sectors of the movie, broadcast, and web video industry.

Commercial Licensees

As x265 has proven to be the best available HEVC encoding library for a wide range of applications, many companies have adopted x265 for their products and services.  Some of our licensees prefer to remain anonymous.  Others are proud to announce that they use the best HEVC encoder, x265.


Pegasys develops a variety of video encoding software, including the TMPEGEnc Mastering Works video encoder. For more information, visit www.pegasys-inc.com.

Sorenson Media is an award-winning provider of the highest quality, differentiated video encoding solutions. For more information, visit www.sorensonmedia.com.


Capella Systems provides enterprise level software products or live encoding and offline transcoding. For more information, please visit www.capellasystems.net

If you would like to license x265, please write to license @ x265.com.